To please our customers, to pursue new opportunities, to improve profitability and motivate  our  employees to new challenges.


To become leaders in hair products in Latin-America with an excellent relation between price and quality.


Being innovators and develop products devoted to the personal  and  home  care taking into consideration the environment.



- Never let fear stop you. MAKE YOUR WAY and shine.

- Challenge. Deal. Change.

- Be a step ahead and appear in the headlines.

- Hesitate. Fail. Fall. Then get up and continue.

- Move. Stretch. Run: It's good for your heart.

- Think, innovate, and act with flexibility: It's good for your head.

- Believe in freedom. Boundaries only exist to be crossed.


- Show the world who you are

- Ideas are more important than titles.

- Stand up and tell your truth, always with respect.

- Give space for expression.

- Find reviews and then grow with them.

- Let your customers express.

- Love. Get inspired. Win.


- Focus on the details without losing sight of the horizon.

- A good product is never too good.

- Aim to an extraordinary experience.

- Improve every point you touch.

- Being authentic is the best gift you can you do to yourself

and to others.


- Get close to people,  make time to connect.

- Borrow shoes. Then you´ll know where the shoes tight.

- Listen. Listen. Listen.

- Just simply do the right thing.

- Be friends with your customer.

- Share. Clarify. Understand.

- Experiment with your customers.

- Spread joy and laugh.

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